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Allis Chalmers HD3

This is a 1960’s version of their skid-steer track machine. The forward and reversing operation is carried out by one clutch lever and has a foot pedal braking arrangement that enables slippage when entering piles for front end loading of materials. The forward and reversing clutch needed to be adjusted as the lining was wore in one position. It has a front-end loader attachment and drawbar. The machine drove in under its own power, but I let the motor freeze-up with dis-use over-the-years.

When the motor did run, it started well and ran well when warmed-up. It tended to kind of slobber a little bit, which my father thought had something to do with the injectors. I had to use either when starting, as any factory start-up system, other than the electric starter, was disabled. I am not sure if it had glow plugs that didn’t work, or perhaps it used another system for starting on cold mornings. Tractor antique


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